Vision Statement


Changing a hurting church into a loving church; To restore man back to his original state so that he will walk, talk, live, and love like Jesus.


To turn one’s hurt into help for someone else. To accomplish this, we will help one find out who they are in God and what their purpose is in Christ. Not changing who they are, but finding out why they exist so that they can flow in the purpose of God.


This day I declare that I will be obedient to the call on my life, to the lost flock in the body of Christ, those that have been discouraged by those that gave the impression to be the peacemaker, but in turn became peace-breakers, I will allow Jesus’ full range in my life, body, and soul, to do what He will with me. To help God’s people focus on whom He is, the Creator of life, the Giver of life and the Sustainer of life.

I am Called of God
Jeremiah 30:17-19